1.Regional Sales Manager 10 boys and 6 girls

Join us to create a brilliant future

If you are active in thinking and dare to innovate; if you have a splash of ideas, eclectic; if you love sales, look forward to change,
So join us now! Asia-Pacific International Express is growing heroes hot heroes

Job requirements: 20-30 years old, college degree or above, with simple English literacy, familiar with common office software, strong verbal communication skills, quick thinking; good interpersonal communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, dare to accept the challenge There is a strong desire to achieve self-worth and relentless fighting spirit.

Position Remuneration: We provide five insurances, working meals, and basic salary and performance gains and rewards that are higher than industry standards; there are paid holidays, free travel, various dinners, and major holiday benefits each year.

Interested parties please send your resume to: caa@caaexp.com, or call: 400-681-6891

2. General Manager Assistant 2 girls

Job Requirements:

1.Assisting copywriters in communicating and coordinating with various departments;

2.with planning ideas, with a copy of the market analysis and research competitors, and guide the development of planning programs.

3.The assistant director shall hold the project meeting and the daily internal administration of the project.

4.Bachelor degree or above. Graduated from related majors in Chinese literature, advertising, and communications, he has a strong knowledge of copywriting, communication, and coordination. He is good at copywriting.

5.familiar with common design software, with good language skills and aesthetics;

6.has a good ability to compress pressure and data analysis, with a team management experience is good

Interested parties please send your resume to: caa@caaexp.com, or call: 400-681-6891