As a CAA E-Tracking user, you can use our many tools and portals to effectively manage your delivery and logistics needs. You only need to do a few simple steps on the palm of your hand and give us other things.

With CAA E-Tracking, we provide you with a very convenient online delivery service. Quickly quote and tailor your service to your needs.


Cargo tracking

Know where your cargo is and when it arrives

Cargo tracking allows you and your customers to access tracking data at any time


Cargo details

Quick and easy access to the latest shipping details and get instant insight into any action we take on your shipment


Notification reminder

When your order is charged or signed, CAA E-Tracking ensures that you receive real-time notification alerts

Scan our WeChat public number QR code now, pay attention to us and become a global member of CAA E-Tracking, managing and tracking orders, all in one’s palm