CAACAA Security Packaging Evaluation System

Proper packaging of consignment goods can reduce the risk of transportation, ensure the safety of the goods and arrive on time


PAK packaged goods must not exceed 4 kg in weight

To ensure that the PAK bag is intact, do not use it in PAK bags.

When using cartons, do not leave blank in the middle. This may cause your internal product to be seriously squeezed and deformed or damaged.

Avoid using carton packaging when the single piece exceeds 40 kg

When using recycled cartons, please note if there are enough
Hardness and strength to protect interior goods
Do not use damp or excessively softened old cartons
Taking into account transport risks, CAA reserves the right to replace and
Improve your external packaging

Wooden box & tray

You should use strapping or elastic wrapping to secure the goods
On the tray, the tray itself should also be wrapped

Wood packaging generally refers to packaging, bedding, support,
Materials that reinforce cargo, such as wooden boxes, wooden crates,
Wooden trays and so on.

Solid wood wooden box: refers to the use of wood and wood production
Wooden box, need fumigation after export, fumigation company issued
Quarantine certificate.

Glue wooden box packaging, a material for processing compression synthesis
, you do not need to go through any formalities to export;

More irregular packaging

Sharp / protruding items

Must pack sharp objects in protective fillers
Then put it in the box.

Roll shape

Heavy cylinders should be tied to the tray and must be avoided
Hang and stack pallets. Lighter tube articles
Can be packed in a triangular transport tube.

More shaped packaging please contact customer service

CAA cargo security

We carefully deliver each of your shipments, but unexpected things still happen. CAA provides corresponding insurance services for your goods and is escorted by many large insurance companies throughout the journey.

Variety of insurance

We provide a consistent range of insurance services, you can choose the most suitable,
The most economic insurance type

Minimum amount of compensation

Uninsured goods, we pay a minimum shipping fee of 5 times, but the highest
Not more than 100 US dollars

Big quote

For your high-value products, we will customize your
Insurance category to reduce transportation risks and maintain your property safety